Can You Increase Your Fitness Levels With A Maxi Climber

The Maxi Climber is among the most prevalent vertical climbers in the market nowadays. Its ergonomic design and compactness makes it a superb choice for any person who would want to have a vertical climber at home. This Maxi Climber review discusses the features, pros and cons of this product.

Frequently grouped under the stair stepper class, the Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is something beyond your customary stair stepper. As it additionally requires your arms to reach, push, and pull, it focuses several muscles for a challenging exercise. Likewise, its outline makes it appear as though you’re going up a ladder rather than real stairs, so don’t anticipate that it will look anything close to the customary stepper.

Features of Maxi climber.

1. Constructed using cold rolled steel that is durable enough.

2. Has a small counter that works as a personal workout timer enabling you to monitor your exercise in terms of how long you’ve been climbing.

3. Has an ergonomic design that suits all body types.

4. Easily foldable design reducing the storage space.

5. Have isometric non-stick grips to offer you maximum grip.

6. Has an adjustable height.

7. Well griped foot pedals to avoid sliding.


1. It targets several groups of muscles everywhere throughout the body so you’re certain to get a decent exercise. It will likewise help you tone a few muscles, leaving you much fitter and stronger.

2. It can help build up your abdominal area . Ideal for the individuals who need to be stronger and not simply more slender, this gear will clearly help you reinforce your arms and center muscles.

3. The Maxi Climber looks and feels strong. Although it doesn’t weigh much weight, it doesn’t feel unstable by any means. You can utilize it with no stresses that it won’t have the capacity to withstand your weight insofar as you’re within the weight limit

4. It cost much less than regular gym-grade equipment. Although several other vertical climbers cost almost thousands of dollars, the Maxi Climber cost is in most cases less than $200.

5. They are delivered pre-assembled. You’ll just need a couple screws all over to begin utilizing this machine right out of the delivery box.

6. It works discreetly so you don’t need to stress over disturbing individuals at home when working out.

7. It’s anything but difficult to store.

8. Maxi Climber enables you to burn quite a good number of calories.


1. The Maxi Climber has no resistance adjustment. But, in the event that you need to up the test of your exercise, you can do so by lengthening your steps.

2. You can’t utilize the Maxi Climber with uncovered feet as the foot pedals have studs used to secure your shoes to the unit and they may harm your bare feet.

3. It’s not advised to run quick with this unit.