Bissell Cleanview Vacuum – Helix Upright Bagless Cleaner Model 83H1

Use the Bissell Cleanview vacuum, model 83H1, for cleaing every type of surface throughout your home. With Helix technology and a bagless, upright design, this vacuum is a complete all rounder.

With the Bissell Cleanview vacuum cleaner, the days of storing a variety of cleaning tools are over. You no longer need separate tools for carpeting, bare floors, quick spill clean ups, upholstery, stairs, and all those tiny corners and cracks throughout the home. With the upright, bagless Cleanview Helix vacuum cleaner you can clean all flat surfaces, upholstery, stairways, bookshelves, and even the nooks and crannies that love to collect dust and allergens.


Consumer reviewers give overwhelming support to this vacuum because it has a tremendous amount of power and comes with all the right on-board tools to clean every surface in the home. It has a convenient handle so you can carry it around the home easier and another handle just for moving it up and down stairs while cleaning. The body is also very stylish and modern in appearance.

This vacuum cleaner has 12 amps of power, but you can adjust between different power settings by turning a knob. There is also a special setting on the knob for bare flooring. The head of the Bissell Cleanview vacuum adjusts to five different heights to ensure you can clean every surface from thick carpeting to bare floors. As long as you adjust to the right setting you never have to worry about damaging your floors.

The vacuum head is also designed to be wider than many others, so you cover more floor space with each motion. The headlight is also wider so you can always see where you are going and what you are picking up, even if the lighting is rather dim in your home. This is one of the top vacuums available on the market. Click here to read reviews of the best vacuum cleaners.

Other convenience features include a 27 foot cord with automatic rewind and an easy-to-empty dirt collection cup. Since the Bissell Cleanview doesn’t use bags you never have to worry about purchasing new ones or finding compatible bags. Just dump the cup and get on with your day!

While all of those design features are clearly very convenient, the main attraction for the Cleanview vacuum is its powerful performance. It has an advanced HEPA filtration system as well as a pre-motor filter that ensures your air has fewer allergens and small particles as well as your floor. Checkout Mila’s reviews.

It also comes with Helix technology, which stops dirt and other debris from getting into the motor and fan. Not only does this make the vacuum more efficient, but it extends the life of your vacuum as well. This is one vacuum that you won’t have to replace anytime soon!

You also get a turbo brush and a few on-board tools that allow you to clean every surface, corner, stairway, couch, and crack in your home. The brush delivers a more forceful cleaning stroke so you know your carpeting is clean well beyond the surface. You can see that your floors are cleaner after running this vacuum, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing they are cleaner where you can’t see them as well. Learn more about vacuuming pet hair for Pet Vacuum Guy.

It is really the on-board tools that make the Bissell Cleanview vacuum so impressive. There are just a few tools along with a stretch hose, but they extend the functionality of the vacuum drastically. With these tools you can clean corners and the small cracks running along floor boards. Or, you can just go up and down stairs so you don’t need a separate vacuum.