Effective Topical Solutions for Gynecomastia That You Can Use

Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition that any man could easily develop. However, this problem can be treated over time with the right topical treatments. These include many options that treat the problem from the source although they are also options that you need to talk with your doctor about.


Gynexol before and afterGynexol is a popular treatment option for this condition. Gynexol will take care of fat deposits around the chest and firm the tissues while promoting the healthy turnover of cells that cause this condition to develop. Retinol is used here to reduce the skin marks that may be left while ginkgo biloba is added to tighten the skin and keep fat deposits from being more visible.

Gynexol works by shrinking the fat deposits around the breast tissues over time. This works best when used daily as it will provide consistent coverage over your breasts and will keep you from feeling irritated or at risk of possibly being worn out from your breasts becoming far too large or otherwise hard to work with.


Danazol is a topical option that may also be found in an oral supplement form. This works in a testosterone-like fashion as it is an androgen. It keeps hormones that can cause breasts to develop from becoming more prevalent or more dangerous. This is especially used for when your sex hormones have become unbalanced and you need extra help.

This is a popular treatment but it may be best to talk with a doctor for help about this. Your doctor is going to have to prescribe this to you above all else. This is due to the added testosterone that is prevalent here. Also, Danazol may be harmful to those who have an intense amount of testosterone in their bodies; the potential for the body to wear out from an excess amount of this hormone is real.

DHT Cream

DHT Gel, or Andractim as it is also called, is another topical solution that is capable of restoring this gets DHT to move into your breast tissues and can be paired well with any hormone replacement therapy process that you might be going through. This will move this critical compound into your body and will treat you properly without worrying about any problems within your body if used right.

DHT is a good component that will restore the flow of testosterone in your body, thus keeping any estrogen deposits in your body from being all that strong or otherwise hard to bear with. When used right, it should be easier for your body to feel healthy and to be at less of a risk of dealing with serious threats relating to how you are developing over time.

These topical solutions may help you out with taking care of gynecomastia. These are treatments that can help you out with keeping the breast tissues that you develop from being larger than needed. Be sure to talk with your doctor for help with any of these options as they can work in many ways to keep your breast tissues from being far too large.