What are the common injuries associated with the Hydromax x30 penis pump?

x30 vs x40

So you have decided you want to improve the appearance of your penis? Perhaps what you are looking for is an extra inch or two? Or perhaps you need the girth of your penis needs to be worked on?

The Hydromax x 30 penis will give you this result with prolonged use. The manufacturer and other users can attest to this. In fact, as a point to note, the manufacturer has been quoted saying that the pump is the most effective in the market and also the most common used by men like you.

When you purchase your very own pump, please ensure that you follow the usage instructions and that you adhere to how best to maintain the pump. There have been incidences where some men pump too hard. Why anyone would want to employ unnecessary pumping with the device is very bizarre.

The pump has been designed to work very well as per the instructions given. When you pump too hard you automatically increase the suction power and as a result you end up hurting your penis. The veins and the capillaries will burst.

Of course, when this happens, we do not expect you to continue using the pump but to take a break: – this will result in you losing days you would have acquired in achieving more permanent effect.

Some other injuries are getting a hematoma where your veins rise up on the skin and you are able to see some purplish blood. This is ok and it happens a lot of the times. When this happens to you, please take a break on using the pump. You will only hurt yourself further when you continue.

Sometimes, and especially when you start using the pump, you might notice that your penis feels a bit squishy. The pump works by increasing the blood flow to your penis and by continuous use and some swelling of the penis should be expected. All this have been reported and are normal.

After a few days, the symptoms should disappear and you should be able to continue using the device. There has also been some numbness reported. Of course with the increase in blood flow and the pressure you are subjecting your penis, this should not come as a surprise. Some pain can also be experienced.

If you excessively pump your penis, you will feel excessive pain. Please stop immediately when this happens. However, the numbness and slight pain will go away only after a few minutes.

Always use caution when using the Hydromax x30 pump. Under no circumstances should you use the pump when you notice any of the discussed symptoms on your penis. You should take a break and if the symptom does not go away, you can contact your supplier and at worst case scenario, your doctor.